Mayfair Volume 23 No 7

Mayfair Volume 23 No 7


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Christine Wilde 34-23-34 Fairish – Roy Brewington

Victoria Young 36-24-36 Fairish – Jean Rougeron

Wendy Summerhill 36-24-36 Fairish – Ed Alexander

Karen Brennan 36-24-36 Light brunette? – George Richardson

Mayfair’s Girl of the Month, Amada Jacobi 37-24-35 Fairish – Joanie Allum

Toni Francies 40-25-36 Light brunette – Donald Milne

Jenny Strachan 36-26-36 Brunette – Richard Bierman


The Perils of Parking Sam White


The Day of the Destroyer P M Wells

Where the Bow Reign Ends – Archery updated with 15 photographs Andrew Morland

Tell-Tale Tits – those naughty girls who expose their lovers John Maycock

Fintastic – fins on American cars of the 50s with 16 photographs Nigel Wackett

Scene from Mayfair – round-up of news and reviews

Cartoon series:

On the Rampackage – package holidays cartooned Anthony

Gentlemen, That Reminds Me: your choice jokes.


Plus usual Quest, Letters, other cartoons, Caz, etc.

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